Classic/Custom Car Service

Classic car and custom car ownership can be an extremely rewarding, and sometimes frustrating, experience. Proper service and maintenance of your ride, and getting to know the individual characteristics of it can help to ensure you have more of the good times and less of the bad. Whether your car is factory correct, race-ready, or a full on resto-mod, we're here to help you navigate the pitfalls and make sure your ride is ready to drive when you are.

LDSS Classic Car Services
LDSS Maintenance Services


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Likewise, proper maintenance of your classic helps avoid nasty and expensive problems down the road. Aggressive and consistent maintenance is the best way to ensure your car will be ready when you want to drive, and that you don't get surprised with unexpected failures. Your car is special!  Be sure to use the right services and additives to keep it running at peak performance.

Mechanical Service

Our technicians come to the plate with decades of experience. On our end, we are doing what we love. For your prized possession, it gets the attention to detail that it deserves and you expect.

LDSS Mechanical Services
LDSS Electrical Services


Bad wiring can lead to all sorts of issues down the road for you and your classic car. Whether we are making a simple repair, or installing an entirely new and modernized harness, our technicians take pride in their work, and you will reap the benefits out on the road.

Paint & Body

Good paint and bodywork are the first things that draw in the eye. We specialize in working on classic cars, so we put in the attention to detail and that is our number one priority. Whether you just need new paint, or if your job involves a lot of rust repair as well, we encourage you to bring your vehicle in for a quote.

LDSS Paint and Body Services
LDSS Fabrication Services

Metal Fabrication

If you are looking to go the custom route, or reproduce an unavailable panel out of sheet metal, custom metal fab is your best route.

Upholstery & Interior

Don't let your project fall flat with a boring or poor quality interior. We brought interior in house to streamline our large projects, but our services are available to anyone needing a custom or original interior.

LDSS Interior Services
LDSS Performance Services

Performance Solutions

If you are like us, it's hard to stop modifying and looking for areas that can be improved. It's been a long time since your car was produced, and you might be surprised to find out what's available for your vehicle to improve overall performance.

Upgrades & Updates

Do you need cold A/C in your street machine for those hot summers? How about an upgraded electronic ignition for better reliability and performance. We can help with that!

LDSS Update and Upgrade Services