Old #7

Owner Butch wanted a subtle-looking classic but custom truck. A truck that would make the everyday person turn for a second look. At first glance, people just think that’s a nice truck but when looking closer they begin to see the not-so-subtle attention to details that make Old #7 an elegant beauty.

From the start, Loaded Dice Speed Shop worked with Butch on designing Old #7 from the ground up. Some of its subtleness comes from the hidden exhaust, 54 Belair dash and tail lights, 53 3100 grill, split bumpers front and rear and numerous others. From start to finish, the build took about a year and a half.

To really appreciate the beauty, one needs to see it in person. Don’t be fooled by its elegance, because as graceful as it looks, Old #7’s LS3 535 can run with the best of them.



Built By: Loaded Dice Speed Shop
Designed By Aaron Weaver/ LDSS
Year/Vehicle 54 Chevy 3100
Paint Custom mix “LDSS Old No.7”
Matrix Hot Hughes
Interior Loaded Dice Speed Shop
Engine GM Connect and Cruise LS3 525
Transmission GM Performance
Chasis Roadster Shop
Exhaust Borlar
Brakes Wilwood
Bed Wood Mar-K
Metal Supply Mar-K
Wheels Detroit Steel/MobSteel Ambassadors



Old#7 Front View Old#7 Profile View Old#7 Tail Lights Old#7 Interior Old#7 Wheels Old#7 Engine Old#7 Cargo Bed